teams are the lifeblood of an organization.



Ask yourself:

Do you know when your team is "out of  tune" and struggling to focus on strategic goals? Do you appreciate how senior leadership teams are different from other organization teams? Does your team have the conversations needed to achieve true alignment?Are you leveraging the talents and capabilities of your executive team through effective collaboration? 


Work with Jonathan to:

Assess your team's strengths and gaps to achieving high performance. Design an effective leadership team with clarity of purpose. Create alignment within your team and clarify the team's operating model. Guide your team toward consistently higher levels of performance and alignment.


Assess your team’s strengths and gaps to achieving high performance.

Jonathan assesses leadership team strengths, gaps and areas of alignment – all focused on achieving high performance for the team. Upon reviewing the findings with the team leader, Jonathan leverages the assessment findings as a springboard for team discussion and a catalyst for further capability building.

Design an effective leadership team with clarity of purpose.

A critical role of each leader is to design a team based on a clear and compelling purpose. All other decisions regarding team design and membership flow from this. Jonathan supports senior leadership clients in determining the underlying purpose of their leadership teams, and then designing teams that can achieve that purpose.

Create alignment within your team and clarify your team’s operating model.

The most effective executive teams achieve clarity and alignment in their purpose, goals and operating models. Their work centers around alignment to vision, mission and strategy, subsequent decisions regarding strategy execution and organization performance towards results, embedding culture and building leadership bench strength. Jonathan, with an extensive understanding of senior leadership teams, is able to spur these teams towards clarity and alignment on their critical roles.

Guide your team towards higher levels of performance.

Performance and results are ultimately dependent on the efficacy of organizational teams. Leadership teams are held to an even higher standard. Executives have a shared responsibility to contribute to the broader success of the organization. Jonathan supports leaders as they guide their teams towards higher levels of performance and as they assess and develop team capabilities and continued alignment.