Aligned organizations achieve strategic goals.



Ask yourself:

Is there alignment among your senior leaders and throughout the organization around your organization vision, mission and strategy? Is your organization design, including its culture, aligned to execute strategy? Do members of your organization understand how the work they do contributes to strategy execution? Is your organization healthy and aligned? 


Work with Jonathan to:

Assess your organazation. Create a shared vision, mission and strategy. Design your organization to execute strategy effectively. Implement enterprise organization change. Leverage the power of strategic communication. Craft merger and acquisition strategies.


Assess your organization.


A comprehensive understanding of the organization is the starting place for achieving organization alignment. Jonathan conducts assessments that identify organization strengths and gaps. He uses interviews to gather real-time perspectives about your organization. Assessment feedback findings are then used as a springboard to inform needed organization change initiatives going forward.

Create a shared vision, mission and strategy.


Without being clear on the destination at the outset, many miles may be traveled while still never reaching the desired destination. Critical to effective leadership is the ability to create a shared vision, mission and strategy – one that inspires and guides an organization’s people. Jonathan supports his clients as they develop clarity regarding organization vision and mission, and achieve alignment around organization strategy.

Design the organization to execute your strategy.

Every organization’s design, including its structure and culture, is inextricably linked to and often ultimately responsible for organization performance and success. It is a critical differentiator. From his background in organizational psychology and diverse experience consulting with senior executives across a variety of industries and organizations, Jonathan provides expertise on approaches to comprehensive organization design and culture realignment.

Implement your organizational change.

Knowing how to get to the desired destination is as important as identifying the destination itself. Today’s organizations often experience overlapping change efforts, giving rise to many challenges. Jonathan consults with organization leaders to collaboratively guide them through strategic organization change – from the time it is decided change is needed to the full realization of the desired future state.

Leverage the power of strategic communication.


Any change must be managed through clear and consistent communication, considering the mechanics of the change, along with the emotional and personal implications. Jonathan guides his clients in designing and executing impactful strategic communication throughout their change efforts.

Craft your merger and acquisition integration strategy.

A unique form of organization change, mergers and acquisitions are often the most complex of all shifts. Many of these well-intended strategic combinations fail to achieve their intended value due to a lack of foresight and strategic execution. Jonathan provides his clients with an approach to strategic combinations that forms a “building blocks” methodology to successful leadership and cultural integration, and it works.