Jonathan’s organizational assessment and thematic analysis process provided invaluable insight into our company’s culture and management team chemistry, which enabled leadership to drive necessary structure design change to improve team performance. Not only did Jonathan help to identify blind spots, his ongoing involvement and leadership coaching helped to map the plan for improvement and ensured execution to achieve organizational excellence.
— Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan was engaged as a private equity firm specialized resource to assess company leadership strengths and weaknesses across the firm’s portfolio and to develop roadmaps to improve each company’s leadership performance. His involvement and unique skill set provided tremendous value to investors and shareholders that assisted in the ability for the firm to ensure a positive return on invested capital.
— Private Equity Managing Director

Jonathan was engaged as a resource to assess the success and opportunities for improvement subsequent to a company M&A process, primarily in the areas of team communication during and after the process and organizational design post acquisition. This proved invaluable in readying the company for a follow-on exit to a strategic acquirer.
— Board Chair / Founder / CEO

Over time, Jonathan regularly exhibited such keen insight that he became to me a trusted adviser and sounding board for ideas. He has helped me sort through alternatives and select courses of action; not only providing immediate direction, but also improving how I regularly approach strategic thinking.
— SEnior Vice president

Jonathan has the ability to quickly analyze the situation, providing detailed next steps for improvement and facilitating challenging, yet productive conversations between leaders and their staff to deliver significant and lasting results. He is extremely perceptive and an excellent sounding board when it comes to executive coaching and organizational development. His style blends his experience and business acumen with a strong understanding of the needs of the organization and the individual he is coaching.
— Chief Human Resources Officer

Jonathan is a great facilitator of “what might be possible.” His insights and ideas were the right balance between strategic and tactical and had immediate benefits.
— Senior Vice President

I am honored to recommend Jonathan to anyone considering coaching. He’s brilliant, perceptive, intuitive, direct, and also tough and consistent at holding you accountable for doing the work. He is a great partner for career success and I believe working with him changed my career more than almost any other professional relationship I’ve had.
— Senior Director

The best of both worlds – the strategic prowess on par with the very best global consulting firms with a level of intimacy and value that you get from a boutique firm. Strong focus on achieving results that meet or exceed expectations. Highly collaborative yet willing to take the lead as appropriate. Advances thoughts and ideas through constructive models and tangible recommendations. And, a nice guy. One of the few I’d trust with C-level executives.
— chief talent officer