LEADERS ARE CRITICAL TO organizational success.



Ask yourself:

Are you leading in ways that foster alignment and strategy execution? Are you modeling the behaviors that will embed the preferred culture? Do you understand how your leadership is perceived by others? Are you as effective a leader as you can be?


Work with Jonathan to:

Assess and develop your leadership and management capabilities. Gain perspective and organizational insights as you lead your organization. Develop a strong leadership bench and plans for succession, including your own. Ensure an effective interface between the CEO, C-Suite and Board.


Assess and develop your leadership capabilities.


Executive coaching is initiated with a discussion about goals and determining if there’s a good “fit” between the executive and Jonathan. Next, Jonathan completes an assessment of the leader’s current strengths and shortcomings in the context of his or her business challenges and organization culture. The assessment findings become an effective platform for feedback and prioritizing development. Subsequent coaching then focuses on supporting development, with Jonathan providing guidance and constructive feedback all along the way.

Gain perspective and organizational insights as you lead.


Being a CEO or senior executive can be isolating, with few others to share ideas openly and gain a neutral perspective. Effective leaders appreciate the importance of having a neutral sounding board and trusted advisor as they consider opportunities, work through difficult challenges, address and plan for succession, and work with their leadership teams and Boards. Jonathan engages leaders by providing that perspective, asking relevant questions that broaden their thinking and provide organizational and strategic insights. He then supports leaders in identifying options and making decisions regarding courses of action they can take comfortably.

Develop a strong leadership bench and plans for succession.

While often neglected, creating a strong leadership bench and planning for succession of critical roles remains an important role of senior leadership. And clear approaches to successor identification, development and eventual transitions are critical to successful leadership changes. Jonathan supports his client leaders in considering three perspectives related to succession – analytical, personal, and political – as  they consider their own succession and of members of their teams. He also works closely with identified successor leaders to ensure they are ready to assume their next important roles.

Ensure an effective interface with your Board of Directors.

Today’s Boards of Directors are more proactively engaged with companies than ever before. Directors are increasingly spending time with senior executives to understand better the business and to evaluate the CEO. As such, C-Suite executives must develop and maintain effective relationships with their Boards. Jonathan advises and strategizes with executive clients to leverage Board interactions and relationships for organizational success. He also provides direct consultation and support to Boards.