prepare your practice for success.



Ask yourself:

Are you clear regarding what consulting services you will offer and how these will create value? Do you know how to develop business, contract the work, and set fees? Are you able to successfully work through challenging client situations? Are you ready to tackle all of the challenges of kickstarting and growing your consulting practice?


Work with Jonathan to:

Match your consultant capabilities to areas of practice and business strategy. Evaluate your options for fee structures and address other business-centric considerations. Get coaching through foundational business development decisions and processes. Extend the coaching beyond the initial setup. 


Match capabilities to areas of practice and business strategy.


Evaluating which direction to take when starting to consult can often be a winding road. Considering your own capabilities and areas of interest help to define your target market and ideal areas of practice. Jonathan coaches his consultant clients, helping them decide a direction to take that uniquely fits them and create a path to travel toward success.

Evaluate fee structures and other business-centric considerations.


While considering options and honing specific areas of practice is integral to a consultant’s success, optimizing day-to-day operations is critical to the long-term efficacy of any consultancy. Jonathan provides insights into the pros and cons of divergent fee structures and other business practices, such as proposal writing and ensuring contract clarity. Navigating these business decisions while keeping consultant and client interests in mind allows Jonathan to counsel clients through these impactful decisions.

Make foundational business development decisions.

You know your practice areas. You know your market. Now, how do you connect and contract with the right clients for your consultancy? Jonathan supports his consultant client efforts to think through these next steps, including coaching consultant clients through important initial interactions where fit and capabilities are initially assessed. He provides each consultant client with guidance towards developing a consulting agreement based on a well-articulated scope of work and delivering that information to the client in a clear, effective way.

Extend coaching beyond initial business development and operations.

Long-term engagements with Jonathan provide benefits extending beyond the initial setup of business development approaches and operations. With Jonathan as their coach and mentor, consultants can tackle complex situations with a seasoned sounding board, one with decades of experience addressing many of the same issues. Jonathan supports his clients in hashing out the details of specific roadblocks. When being an independent consultant can feel isolating, Jonathan is able to provide his consultant clients with a second voice behind the scenes to share insights and generate ideas.